About the Festival

The Juniper Island Art Festival is a celebration of creativity in the natural environment of water, earth and sky. The festival promotes all Stony Lake artists, whether they are showing for the first time or are fully established, recognized artists. The artists all share a common love and understanding of the fragile elements that make Stony Lake a very special part of their lives and their art. The criteria for showing at the festival are quite simple: all work must be original, and all artists must have a strong connection with Stony Lake, Upper Stoney Lake or Clear Lake.

Art is a tactile and visual expression of emotion, a permanent record of the artist’s interpretation of the tangible and intangible world around us. Stony Lake is a place of inspiration, it is also a place to honour, cherish and to protect. Each piece exhibited here has a story to tell, be it of the artist, of its history, or of its creation.

We invite you to enjoy the art and be inspired. Your viewing and support is a direct indication of your encouragement to the talented artists and the many individuals who come together to make the festival so enjoyable.

2018 marks the 26th year of this one of a kind exhibition, showing only original artwork and photography